PT takes off

Posted on March 23, 2011

PT in Action
Machame Physical Therapy Department Takes Off
We all knew that the developing Machame Orthopedic center would be needing physical therapy services, but PTs are few and far between in Tanzania..  We found Jeremiah Mushi studying PT at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center but he needed some assistance with school fees. Fortunately, Heidi Longe, a physical therapist from the US had visited us several times and seen the need as well and was able to encourage her church to sponsor him for three years. After graduation he was joined by another young PT Langus Majuka and together they have actualized the new department that was waiting for them. Jeremiah 26 and Langus 24 bring great spirit and energy to Machame-increasing the awareness of all caregivers here on the value of physical therapy for many conditions. In addition to post operative patients they are seeing stroke patients, assisting in the weekly orthopedic clinic, and have a growing outpatient business-a pretty new concept in Tanzania. Equipping the dept has been a slow process but progress is being made.